Part of living in the Midwest is dealing with pretty crappy roads.

When you pair the bad weather with Illinois' poor handling of money, that can equal some pretty rough road conditions all over northern Illinois.

We all have our own personal nemesis of a pothole that seems to find our tires more often than not. Personally, I have one on North Second Street, right when you enter Loves Park heading north. There's a rough one just past the railroad tracks that has caught me a time or two.



It looks like I'll have to learn to avoid that one for awhile because that is not on the proposed list of repairs the county has planned for the summer.

Here's what's on deck according to a report from the Rockford Register Star: 

  • Resurfacing Charles Street between Alpine and Mulford roads, cost $900,000.
  • Widening and resurfacing Latham Road between Meridian and Owen Center roads, cost $1.5 million.
  • Resurfacing Prairie Hill Road between Illinois 2 and Illinois 251, cost $900,000.
  • Culvert replacement on Yale Bridge Road over Sugar Creek, cost $320,000.
  • Replacing culverts east and west of Illinois 2 on Gleasman Road, cost $980,000.
  • The Perryville path also will be extended from Hart Road to Illinois 173, cost $1,230,000

RegisterStar -

The Charles Street, Latham Road and Prairie Hill Road, Perryville path extension projects are expected to be completed by summer's end. The Yale Bridge Road and Gleasman Road culvert replacements will be completed in the fall.

If your dream road project didn't make the final list there's still hope. The county still has an extra $2 million to use on smaller projects around the county. Maybe your favorite pothole will finally make it to the county's to-do list.

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