Sometimes it takes very little effort to create a heartwarming moment that will never be forgotten, sometimes it takes a sacrifice. This example involves sacrifice and selflessness, which is arguably lacking in society today.


Winnebago Indians has a varsity soccer match recently in Watertown, Illinois on the grounds of Indian Creek Middle School. This was a special night for the home team as it was their Senior Night. As similar to most Senior Night festivities, the celebration included player introductions, a 50/50 raffle, barbecue, and something completely unexpected

Credit: Winnebago High School Soccer, Facebook
Credit: Winnebago High School Soccer, Facebook


The story, shared on Facebook, goes like this.

Winnebago Indians were setting up for an on-the-road victory when something much more important was about to happen.


With a few minutes remaining in the match, Winnebago picked up another goal leading to a shutout for goalkeeper Braylon Garrigan. In between plays one of Indian Creek's players approached a competing player in need of a favor. Now, remember, Bago is about to take a win and Garrigan is about to get a shutout for the game.

Before Indian Creek kicked off following the Bago goal, an Indian Creek player approached one of our defensemen and asked for a favor. On their team, they have a player with special needs, and they wanted him to have a chance to score a goal during their Senior Celebration.
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Without hesitation, a Bago player relayed the request. Coach Szymanski (Winnebago) was in full support of honoring the request even though it would cost their goalkeeper a shutout.
Indian Creek kicked off and passed it off to their teammate. Cheers and applause started to grow as he made his way down the field with the ball, moving through our Bago defense as they tried to defend, and took a shot that was a little off target.
Credit: Rawf8
Credit: Rawf8

Can you guess what happens next?

Indian Creek’s forward was able to get to the ball, pass it back to him, and he was able to put it in the back of the net with 10 seconds remaining in the game. Both benches, all the coaches, all the players on the field, and every fan in the stadium that day erupted with cheers at his accomplishment.

The lesson? A sacrifice that leads to a heartwarming lifelong memory is absolutely worth it.

[h/t Derek Melin]

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