Bar, restaurants, and other gatherings will take even more of a hit with Governor Pritzkers added restrictions.

Governor Pritzker made another announcement about a mitigation decision that will not be well-received. The argument of why grocery stores and giant retail stores are not given the same direction as bars and restaurants will be rampant. Rightfully so because there are more people inside grocery and retail stores that 10-times bigger than the average restaurant and bar in the Rockford-area, a.k.a Region 1. Despite the claim of unfair treatment, Pritzker's new mitigations will begin Sunday and potentially hurt local businesses.

Beginning Sunday, October 25, bar and restaurant tabletops will be reduced from 10 to six with no indoor service allowed. Social gatherings will be cut down by more than half, from 25 to 10 people. This, according to WREX.

At the end of the day, this is bigger than you. This is about all of us an the communities we call home. Wear your mask. Watch your distance. Wash your hands. And get your flu shot. We have to take care of each other. - Gov. Pritzker

While Pritzker's new restriction may be intended to reduce COVID-19 cases the argument still rests on why someone can walk into a large building such as Walmart or Woodman's with 100's of other people but establishments can only have 10 tables? I'm not a scientist but I will argue COVID is just as (if not more of) a risk in grocery stores as a bar or restaurant. Just my opinion.

Perhaps the best option is to continue ordering carry-out or delivery as often as possible.


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