Been thinking about using that promo code to sign up for one of those sports betting sites? You have one day. 

The story of sports gambling in Illinois is interesting. Like many stories involving the gambling world, there are unexpected twists and turns.

Originally in 2019 when sports betting was made legal in Illinois, an in-person registration requirement was put in to give an advantage to the existing, tax-paying brick and mortar casinos in Illinois.

Then the pandemic hit and casinos were one of the first to close. To make sure the sports betting industry wasn't destroyed, Governor Pritzker signed a temporary removal of the "in-person" clause and allowed people to register on their mobile device from anywhere in the state.

It worked. People signed up in record numbers and Illinois is now one of the more profitable states when it comes to gambling revenue.

Then, for what seems as though no reason, Governor Pritzker signed a bill that would reinstate the requirement that new accounts must be signed up for in person.

SunTimes -  For most of the COVID-19 pandemic, Gov. J.B. Pritzker has waived a provision of the state’s gambling law that requires bettors to sign up in person at a casino before they can lay wagers on the mobile apps that draw the vast majority of legal bets.

But that’ll end Sunday because it’s a precaution that’s “no longer needed,” according to the governor’s office — even as his public health team scrambles to stave off a third surge of the virus.

The new rule goes into effect Saturday night, April 3rd at 11:59 PM.

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