When I see the phrase "potentially dangerous" attached to something like an asteroid that will be passing Earth, I tend to listen up. Such an asteroid will be passing by our planet this weekend. But there is no need to begin making doomsday plans yet.

An asteroid nearly a mile wide and traveling 48,000 miles per hour will pass by Earth this weekend. And it's not alone. This rock is so big it has it's own moon! Astronomers have named the asteroid 1999 KW4. Catchy. The Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Minor Planet Center categorized it as "potentially dangerous". But before you start repaying scenes from movies like 'Deep Impact', take a deep breath. This rock won't come close to Earth. This time.

The asteroid will be around 3.2 million miles away from Earth when it passes by this weekend. While that's a long way away, it will still be close enough to view. You'll be able to see the asteroid beginning May 24th and it will be visible through the 27th. You might want to try and catch a glimpse because it won't be back until 2036. Who knows how close it will be then.


[via KCRG]

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