If recreational marijuana is made legal in Illinois, you would be able to purchase things like marijuana soda in our state.

As the political debate of legalizing marijuana in Illinois continues, the possibilities that come along with it are endless.

Of course, there are the financial benefits for the state and businesses.

Also, there's the legal aspect of not having to make weed related arrests.

What about the potential products that would be hitting the market in Illinois?

For example, marijuana soda. That's right, "pot pop." The brand is called "California Dreamin'."

According to finance.yahoo.com,

"Enjoy a light, social high," says the funky bottle of California Dreamin' cannabis-infused sparkling pomegranate juice. Launching today at Y Combinator Demo Day, California Dreamin' is serving up an alcohol alternative that still gets you lit, but without the same hangover or health issues."

They are looking at it as an alternative to alcohol.

Would you drink it over booze?

Just think, that solves the dry mouth problem.


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