Compeer Financial and the Illinois Pork Producers Association have stepped up big time! To the tune of 6,685 pounds of pork donated to the food bank according to WREX. This is just part of a larger donation from the Pork Power program that has donated over 53,000 pounds of pork to nine food banks in Illinois. The Power Pork program has donated enough food for 3.8 million meals for families in Illinois alone.

This doesn't mean food banks still don't need help. I always try to be mindful of how fortunate I am. Even during bad times, I try to remember it could always be worse. Next time you're doing some grocery shopping, add just one canned food item. There's over 147,000 people in Rockford, even if 25% of us did one canned item once a month, that's over 440,000 canned items we could donate to those less fortunate over the course of a year. Plus the feeling you get from giving back is always great! If you have kids, get them involved and let them help pick out the canned items. When kids are involved in charitable acts beginning at a young age, they tend to be more charitable as they get older too.

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