A popular teen accessories store, including Rockford's location, is pulling several cosmetics from their shelves after testing positive for asbestos.

Claire's posted on their twitter, via a report through WGN, that they have pulled and will no longer be selling nine cosmetic products in their stores as they contain asbestos.

The nine products effected include "Bedazzled Rainbow Heart and Pink Glitter Palette".

This move to remove the cosmetics comes after they received reports of a woman n Rhode Island who tested some of their glitter she bought for her daughter and the results stated it had asbestos in it. She also tested 17 other products and those too tested positive for asbestos. Claire's hired their own laboratory to test the products and received the same results of asbestos. To see the full list of pulled products click the link in the tweet below.  

Eww... Yuck. Thank goodness Claire's is being proactive about this in not only pulling these products but also offering full refunds to those who recently purchased those products.

I'm just thinking about how many teens and pre-teens received one if not all of these as gifts or stocking stuffers this Christmas.



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