If you happened to purchase something that can be used everyday in the kitchen, you may want to take it back.

People in Rockford love to cook. Cuisinart is one of the most popular brands of food processors and now there is a major recall on certain models.


The reason for the recall according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission on Tuesday:

"The food processor’s riveted blade can crack over time and small, metal pieces of the blade can break off into the processed food. This poses a laceration hazard to consumers."

There are 22 different models that are being affected. Conair, who owns the Cuisinart brand, said in a press release that close to 70 people found parts of the blade in their food and some have cut themselves or had their teeth break.

The models being recalled go back to the year 1996. It involves processors that have a S-shaped blade. It could crack over time.

For the complete list of models being recalled, Click Here.