What do you get when you cross Italian appetizers and a Mexican restaurant, well you get some new dishes at Lucha Cantina.

Lucha Cantina was probably the first restaurant I knew of when I moved to Rockford. Sure, part of the reason is that it's very close to the radio station, you might be able to walk there... though I would advise driving... but the other reason is the creative menu always has everyone talking.

Now we're all talking about the new Italian spin that they've been putting on some Mexican dishes.

Don't get me wrong, these are Mexican flavors but as the girl who dips everything on Earth in marinara sauce, I see these sticks and I think mozzarella, but this is a totally different flair.

Equally as delicious looking, I might add.

Ok, honestly these look better than mozzarella sticks, because they're a whole foot long.

According to Lucha's social media accounts, the sticks, which are called Oaxaca Sticks... 'bout a foot long and then we bread them by hand before frying. Each order is over a pound of cheese. Served with our Verde Sauce for dipping.'

And that's not the only new item on the menu.

They're also serving up Al Pastor Pizza which of course is another blend of Italian and Mexican.

You know I haven't been there in a while, wanna join me?


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