This Windy City Pop Up attraction allows children of all ages to enjoy the fun activities.

When my daughter was little, I always enjoyed taking her to entertaining places.

She loved jumping in bouncy houses, playing games, and rides.

Part of me would get a little jealous because it looked like for much fun but of course adults weren't allowed to participate.

According to,

"A pop-up funhouse for adults called Happy Place is coming to Chicago."

It's actually for the whole family.

The creators of "Happy Place" believe the world needs to become happier. That's why they came up with this concept.

It doesn't matter what age, as long as you like to smile. You're invited to join in.

Attractions include the world’s largest indoor confetti dome, a giant ball-pit, an inflatable double rainbow,  seven-foot-tall stilettos made out of candles, a bathtub filled with rubber duckies, and much more.

It's located in a warehouse at 1004 N Elston Avenue in Chicago and runs from June 28th through August 6th.

Sounds like a good time to me.

"Happy Place" just made my summer bucket list.


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