My girls are heading back to school next week, so creating their yearly prop board for that ever-important first day of school pic is high on this week's to-do list.

In fact, my kids will be starting at a brand new school next week because we are moving soon, so this year's prop board is way more important as it will help us remember the big life moment in our family.

In past years, this is what my girls' back-to-school boards looked like...

Ella first day of school
harper first day of school 2
Harper first day of school one

And here comes the part where I tell you that most of the things I included on those boards was not smart and that I am ashamed that that fact never occurred to me before.

On Tuesday the McHenry County Sheriff's Department shared this important message that really got me thinking...

Now, this warning doesn't mean you can't take pics including all that information for your own personal use, it's just saying to think before you post it for the whole internet to see. Just remember, if your social media accounts are "private", hackers and scammers will always find a way to get your info.

So, I have now decided to still make my big, fancy, full of info back-to-school prop boards, but this year I'll just convince my kids to take two different versions of back-to-school pics; one for home and one for social media use. They may not like an extended photo session, but you can never be too safe when it comes to your kids.

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