MyStateline.com is reporting that, "three people are in custody this morning after an hours-long standoff in Rockford. Police responded to a shots-fired call in the 3500 block of Jacqueline Drive around 10:45 last night. A SWAT team was called in when the suspects inside a nearby apartment refused to open the door."

Once the suspects refused to open the door, MyStateline.com reports, the officers acquired a search warrant to enter the premises.

Two women and a man were taken into custody. Thankfully no one was injured. While trying to find more current info on the situation, I actually had to type in the year because other standoffs kept popping up from the Rockford area. I know Rockford has a history but I was not expecting that many standoffs in a short amount of time.

This story is developing so we will update the story with any new information that comes out.






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