A raccoon here in Northern Illinois got himself in an interesting predicament, and police with the assistance of a public works, had to rescue the little feller.

The reason why this raccoon got stuck is what making people talk. Zion, Illinois police took to social media to describe what happened to this little guy.

Zion police officer K. Vaughn responded to a call for assistance at a sewer grate on Friday morning, when it was discovered one of Zion's "furry residents"  was stuck. Police believe the stuck raccoon was stuck because he was 'eating a little too well.'

Ofc Vaughn, with the assistance of animal control  were unable to free the raccoon from his predicament, so police called in reinforcements: The Zion Public works department!

Police said:

They were able to free him and our friend was no worse for wear. Check out the photos and see if Ofc. Vaughn is more scared of the raccoon than it is of him! All in good fun, nice save Ofc. Vaughn.

Zion Police Photo


Zion Police Photo
Zion Police Photo

The racoon was eventually freed and is doing well. Perhaps a diet is in order for this little guy. We can all learn from this.

This whole idea of a raccoon getting stuck in a sewer grate makes me wonder if anyone one spotted a red balloon floating around near by.

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