A viral video has surfaced of a fight that took place at a one of the DeKalb McDonalds Restaurants and has led police to file charges against those involved.The originally surfaced on YouTube back in early July, showing footage of an incident that took place inside the restaurant involving several individuals.

In the video, an off-duty worker can be seen grabbing the hair of an on-duty employee. The fight takes place behind the restaurant's counter and the employees can be seen making body contact with the restaurant's equipment. Also, the boyfriend of the off-duty employee makes contact with another on-duty employee.


According to a report in the Daily Chronicle, police have filed charges against the off-duty employee and her boyfriend, whose names have not been released.

The lagging question is why it took song long for police to investigate the incident, which dates back to July 3rd.

So what was the reason behind the fight? DeKalb Police Commander Steve Lekkis told the Daily Chronicle

The two employees seen fighting in the video have an ongoing dispute

Interestingly, the video was posted back on July 4th, and charges were were not filed until just recently.

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