Nothing says love like a big, right? (I'm sorry, I just couldn't help myself).

When I saw this story pop up on Thrillist, I just couldn't help but share it with you. I will refrain from sharing the dozens of other bad/inappropriate jokes that are swirling in my head after reading this, but I will share some that Oscar Meyer has provided along with their announcement that the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile is now able to rent for your wedding proposal...

"Mustard up the courage to pop the question"

"Relish your upcoming special day"

"For better or wurst"

All super creative and incredibly cheesy, right? Either way you flip it, if your partner appreciates laughter over romance, renting the Wienermobile for your wedding proposal might be the way to go.

You have to be a person who plans things WAY ahead of time to score this hot dog proposal opportunity from Oscar Meyer though. Applications need to be submitted here at least three months in advance, and Wienermobile proposals are already underway.

Just so you know, if you score a Wienermobile appearance for your proposal, you can only use it for photo ops or any other creative way you can come up with that doesn't involve actually driving it. Although, I do hope your proposal includes a lot of cheesy lines about being the relish to your ketchup, the meat to her bun, or something else equally ridiculous.

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