In our world of immediate gratification and "no time for anything" a pizza chain is bringing a vending machine to their restaurants. It's true, but what else needs to be in a vending machine?

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Get ready for even faster pizza at Little Caesars because in 2018 they're rolling out "Pizza Portals." It's pretty much pizza vending machine except they're hot and ready.

Basically, pizza lovers will place their customizable order using Little Caesars' app, drive to the store, walk in and go to the "pizza portal", enter a code or scan a QR code, and -boom - a little door unlocks and opens so you can grab your order and go. Sounds convenient, which made me think of other things that should be in a vending machine.

Other Items That Need To Be Available In Vending Machines

  • Milk
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How many times do you need milk but don't feel like waiting in at the store? #amiright


  • Bread

Bread, ugh. Different varieties in a vending machine would be awesome.


  • Diapers
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The struggle is real for parents when they run out of diapers late at night and have no energy to run inside the store, kids in tow, just for diapers. (Oh, it might as well be a diaper/wipes combo, too.)


  • Pet Food
Dog food
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Here's another "Oh, crap. Forgot to get that." If only it were in a vending machine.


  • Ice
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At first, I thought a machine that dispenses bags of ice would be a great idea. In hindsight, just add a way to pay at the cooler outside the gas station.


  • Beer/Booze
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"How will they ID?" Easily, just toss these bad boys in a bar or club that requires ID to get in. OR add age verification to credit/debit cards.


  • Feminine/Bathroom Products
Feminine Products
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You know that moment when a woman asks a man in her life to "run to the store." A lot of men are too embarrassed to embark on this relationship solidifying task so why not make a vending machine for those moments?

Is anything missing from this list? Click here to tell me what you would add to this list.

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