Before Jody Jendon lost his wife to breast cancer, he promised to build a bike in her memory. So, that's exactly what he did.

Jendon, a father of three from Michigan, now rides around in a hot pink motorcycle, covered in ribbons.

Jendon tells CBS News

Some people see a guy riding a pink bike and they can't believe it. But when they walk up and really see the bike, their story changes real quick. In the last few months of her life, we sat around and had a lot of time to sit and talk, I said I was going to build a breast cancer bike -- so I did.

So you're wondering if he hides the bike around? You bet he does! In fact, he rides it six days a week. The bike is a Harley Davidson Street Glide and it cost nearly $60,000.00 to rebuild
You can see a picture of Stacy Jendon, who passed away in 2012, on the rear of the bike.
CBS News reports that Jendon and his family participates in a lot of breast cancer events