Be on the lookout, as a new batch of funny money has been discovered in IllinoisClinton County Sherriff's police have announced the discovery of some phony $20 bills being circulated downstate. Police issued this warning

Check out a photo of one of the bills, can you spot the obvious signs?

Phony $20 Bills Floating Around Illinois
Clinton County Sherriff's Dept photo

The Clinton County Sheriff’s Office would like the public to be aware of fictitious currency that maybe circulating. The currency is realistic and may or may not have Chinese or other writing on the bill. Counterfeit detection pens are showing these bills as real but they are counterfeit. If located, you can contact your local police department.

It is advised that you always examine your money closely. Check for:

  • The texture of paper
  • Look for security strips
  • Look for watermarks
  • Inspect the fibers in paper

No sightings of these specific bills have been reported in Northern Illinois, but police urge residents to remain vigilant.

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