It would be a safe assumption if you said 80% of Rockford residents speed along Perryville Road. Why is it that? Is it because it so wide open? Is it because of the curves north of E. Riverside? Either way, a majority of us probably surpass the 5mph "grace period" we think we're allowed.

Last night Rockford Police Department shared a meme on Facebook reminding drivers Perryville Road (and other city streets) are, in fact, not a racetrack or a drag strip.

Rockford Illinois Police Department
Rockford Illinois Police Department via Facebook

Also, they've snuck in a reminder to wash our hands. But in all seriousness, parts of E. State Street, Perryville Road, and other streets are known for maniacal drivers who are in a hurry. Maybe they're late for work or an appointment. Maybe they have to find a bathroom quickly to avoid a mess. Who knows. Whatever the case may be, a wise man once told me it didn't matter how fast you drive you're only saving a minute or two because of all the traffic lights and stop signs.

If you're a speed demon there are legal options for driving like your rear end is on fire, their called race tracks, and drag strips. There are a few in our area, too. Places like Byron Dragway, Great Lakes Dragway, and Rockford Speedway are good options. Sugar River Raceway is also a fun time, though these places aren't open at the moment but will reopen soon.

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