It's time to talk "derby" to me!

My husband's family has always gotten into the Kentucky Derby, and now I am addicted as well. I absolutely love all the hoopla that surrounds "the fastest two minutes in sports." Actually...let me just be honest. This is why I love the Kentucky Derby so much....

I am now in the process of researching my derby horse picks. I have a very precise selection process:

  • Is it a grey horse? If so, it will not get my bet.
  • What are it's odds? I prefer the middleman; not the favorite, not the long shot.
  • Is it's jockey wearing pretty colors? I need to be able to spot my horse as it comes down the stretch.
  • Does it have the most awesome name of the bunch? Does it call out to me? Example: 2012 was a good year for me, because I truly identified with the horse "I'll Have Another," who of course was the derby winner. See, saying "yes" to another is usually a good thing.

Wish me luck. There's a horse this year named Uncle Sigh. I love "Duck Dynasty," so this horse may just get some of my bet.

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