When there's something strange in the neighborhood, who ya gonna call? In this case, it didn't involve ghosts but police in Illinois did come across quite the story. One of the neighbors had a bizarre conversation with the person who called the police. This story has "strange" written all over it.

Police in Peoria, Illinois were called to a man who, according to neighbors, had been acting "extremely odd." This isn't unusual, if a neighborhood is big enough there is bound to be at least one weirdo on the block. (If you're disagreeing with it you might be that neighborhood. This person, though, has set the bar really high in that regard.


Originally, police were called to the home by the man living there. He called to inform them an exorcism had been performed in his house. Strange, right? Officers popped by the address to meet the informant and get a little more information. Little did they know that it was about to get reach another level of "odd."


On Monday, police went to a home on N Farmington Road. Upon arrival, a man said two people were in his home, and that an exorcism was performed two days before that.

Remember, a neighbor had told police the man was “acting extremely odd.” The adjective makes sense, you might say the same if your neighbor was talking about demons being inside his home.

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When officers arrived at the home on N. Farmington, in Peoria, there was nobody waiting in the front yard. There also didn't appear to be anyone inside the home. (This is where more strange comes into the story.) Police made their way to the backyard where the man who had called them was standing, grasping a machete.

What Was He Smoking?

Police suspected he was high on something. Who wouldn't? What he was allegedly smoking brings more questions but answers others.

Emergency services arrived and crews also believed the man was suffering from a drug-induced state, causing him to hallucinate.

The officers believed the man may have smoked some type of spice or k2. They searched his person and found a tiny pill, oxycodone, and a little bag of potpourri. Yes, it is believed he was smoking potpourri. Read more here.

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