Yesterday as I was coming home from work I saw a cat laying on the windowsill of a home in our neighborhood. It was still there when I left again a short while later, and I legit stopped my car to try to coax the cat to come with me, but it bolted as soon as I got close.

I wasn't trying to be the jerk neighbor who buds in on other people's affairs, but I know we have stray cats roaming our neighborhood, and it was way too cold for anything to be outdoors for an extended amount of time yesterday.

If you see an animal outside for an extended period of time over the next week, especially if you know it is a stray, PLEASE give it shelter. Just because it's used to living outdoors doesn't mean it can survive 30 below zero wind chills.

When I saw this post from PAWS Humane Society  last night, I knew I did the right thing trying to catch that cat. I sure hope it found a warm place to lie its head down last night.

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