If you watched any of the NHL All-Stars games this weekend, you may have noticed all the booing for Patrick Kane in the Predators stadium.

But he took it all in stride.

In fact, according to NBC Chicago, before the game started he joked with John Scott of the Arizona Coyotes and said "watch this, I’m going to get booed.’ We had a pretty good time with it and I thought it was pretty funny that the fans booed him.”

Wow! As much as it makes me mad that the Predators are so hateful to a great player, and the Blackhawks in general, I'm glad to see that 'Kaner' doesn't let it rattle him. He knows what he's there for and face it the guy knows how to play hockey.

Booing is poor sportsmanship. Actually, I think it's more like jealousy by the Predators fans that the Balckhawks are a great team that can shut them down.