Dinner will never be the same for this family.

My mother and father always supported what I was doing to the best of their ability. Whether that was buying soccer equipment my whole life, purchasing my trombone when I was in middle school band, or showing up to any of my events just to watch.

If I ever decided to run for public office, you can bet your bottom dollar they'd be on street corners waving at voters. They'd support me financially and campaign for me. One thing they would never do? Make a donation to my competition.

According to Eyewitness News WDIO, "The parents of Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kevin Nicholson have donated the maximum amount to the campaign of their son's Democratic rival, Sen. Tammy Baldwin."

I know for a fact (it's really just a hunch) that Sen. Baldwin will use this against Nicholson on the campaign trail and rightfully so. She was basically handed the golden ticket to this race. Why not use it? I mean, would you vote for someone whose parents don't even support them? I can't say I would or wouldn't but it definitely wouldn't sit well with me.

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