If you've been in Belvidere lately you may have noticed that Doty Park is closed. Well, it's not closed for the season, it's actually closed for construction as it gets a new look for 2016.

Doty Park is located off West Locust Street on Leonard Court in Belvidere, and here's what's in store for patrons after construction is finished according to the Belvidere Park District website:

The two major areas of the park will consist of an Outdoor Ice Rink that is full size Hockey Rink with Dasher boards and player areas. A warming house will be built just west of the ice rink on the other side of the rink will be a Spray Ground.

The Spray Ground is scheduled to be finished in time for the Summer of 2016, and the grand opening for the ice rink is just a few weeks away during the first weekend of December...