It doesn't take much to set me off these days, but my tolerance for scam calls and phone solicitors is non-existent right now.

Sadly, phone scammers have zero F's to give about our emotional stress, and now they have decided to disguise themselves as OSF hospital employees in an attempt to gain access to personal information. 😠😠😠

According to WREX, scammers are making calls claiming to be from OSF's "Financial Crimes Center" but the thing is, no such center exists in the OSF organization.

WREX reports;

The health system says the scam is going on across the area. It looks authentic because it will show up on your caller-ID as OSF. Someone on the phone claims they're with the hospital's "financial crimes center" and may try to get your personal information.

If you receive one of these calls today, don't waste your time cussing out the other person on the line, just hang up and call the police department immediately.

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