Last Friday I wrote a story about how the Class of 2019 at Oregon High School put their school up for sale as their senior prank, and I said they had just raised the  senior prank bar for all other area high school seniors. What I didn't realize when writing that was the "selling" of the high school was just one item on their list of senior pranks, and now I'm even more impressed.

Oregon High School Senior Diana Clausen sent us a Facebook message to let us know that the OHS Class of 2019 pulled off not one, not two, not three, but FOUR senior pranks last week!

we did a full week of pranks. Tuesday: funky dress day. Wednesday: we filled the halls with balloons and hid rubber duckies all over. Thursday: put the school up for sale & sticky notes. We put sticky notes everywhere in the entire school. Friday: bring your wheels to school day. Everyone rode scooters, trikes, and bikes to school and rode them in the halls

When I asked Diana what her teachers thought, and if this week-long prank affair was a senior class tradition at Oregon High School she said;

Our teachers were quite surprised. Normally seniors do just 1 day, but us seniors wanted to do a full week. We were homecoming Hawk Head back to back winners so we were aiming high this year. We also wanted to step up the seniors last year. It’s not a normal tradition, we just went above and beyond

Here just a few pics of their pranking awesomness:


Provided photo
Provided Photo
Provided photo

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