It's great to have people like this in our community. Recently, there was a fire inside of the home Oregon resident who is wheelchair bound. Oregon Firefighters were called and saved her home and property. What makes this special is that they took it one step further...

When firefighters arrived, they were shocked to find the handicapped resident still inside her burning home. Firefighters were confronted with a kitchen fire which resulted in heavy smoke. The firefighters were able to safely remove the individual safely while extinguishing the fire at the same time

After the fire was put out, they realized the resident was unable to leave her burning home without assistance. The stairs outside the home were her only path to safety. When the fire department assessed the seriousness of this, Oregon Fire Protection District Assistant Chief Randy Travis took the lead and coordinated an effort to construct a ramp system that would allow the home bound resident to leave her home freely for the first time and without assistance. Of course, this would take money to construct, so the Oregon Firefighters Association put forth and donated the funds to purchase the construction materials.

Oregon Community members and business owners also stepped up to the plate by donating their time and money to help on the project.

Oregon Fire Protection District (Used by Permission)

The Oregon Fire Protection District Oregon said that:

Resident Mark Vice assisted in the construction efforts and Oregon business owner Cheri Slack paid for the purchase of new Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors for the home, which were promptly installed by Oregon Assistant Fire Chief Al Greene. Additionally, when Spahn & Rose Lumber of Byron learned of the project, they offered their assistance and provide all the material at their cost!


On behalf of a thankful community, we once again acknowledge the selfless efforts of Assistant Chief Randy Travis, Assistant Chief Al Greene, The Oregon Firefighters Association, Oregon Fire Chaplain Michael Hoffman, FF Rich Rhodes, Mark Vice, Cheri Slack & Oregon Fire Protection District Fire Marshal Chuck Riforgiate.

Hats off to The Oregon Fire Protection District---A job well done!

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