I won't say I'm the best of drivers. I'm definitely the poster child of mediocrity when it comes to vehicles. I can get from A to B, and that's pretty much it.

However, even I know some basic driver etiquette on the road: let people in when you can, use your blinker at an appropriate time, and turn off your brights when you see people coming. We all know the drill and there are probably ones I'm forgetting.

There is one basic rule that I see broken ALL THE TIME and I'm getting so cranky about it. Especially in Rockford, I see people doing this all the time and wanna pull my hair out.

Don't hog the left lane!!

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I was guilty of this when I was just learning to drive. But I've matured and semi-understand how traffic flows thanks to "bigger city" living.

People break this all of the time, especially on Alpine Road in my experience. It isn't very pleasant, and I have to wait ten times longer to take a turn because someone's driving UNDER the speed limit in the left lane.

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Living in Rockford has made me a more confident driver, so this phenomenon is really getting under my skin.

The left lanes are for passing! Unless you need to use the left lane to transition when you're taking an upcoming left turn. 

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It's not "illegal," but it's frustrating to the people around you. Trust me. Please, be a courteous and smart driver. Stay in the right lane and move over when you need to.

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