Dude, let's not leave your dog in the car anymore while you're at the gym.

UPDATE: We were very concerned about this dog and happy to report that he is in good hands, with a heated car and water available which his owner is at the gym and we hope the same holds true for any pups waiting for their owners to return. We never meant to make anyone angry with this letter but are pleasantly surprised that so many people are appropriately caring for their dogs when they're left in cars. Keep it up Rockford!

I'm like a semi-gym rat. Like I'm there a lot, but I don't throw weights on the floor or look like I spend a million hours at the gym. However, I am there enough to notice when a dog is constantly left in the car and it's really bugging me.

Honestly, it could be a woman who is doing this, but I just really don't think it is, but just in case I'm wrong, please also consider this entire story to be about a girl.

Regardless of who the person is, the sentiment is the same.

Guy who leaves his dog in the car at the gym,

Why is it so necessary to leave your dog in the car while you're at the gym?

The first time I saw the dog, I thought to myself, maybe this was an emergency situation and you had no other choice but to leave your dog in the car while you ran a few miles.

Then I was like, wait a second... what in the world would be an emergency that would require you to bring your dog to the gym?

Clearly the dog doesn't need a baby-sitter as you're a-ok leaving him in the car alone while your car is running. (Yes the car is on and it looks as if the heat is on... but one of the days I saw this dog Rockford was dealing with -20 temps).

Do you have another animal at your house and you can't leave them alone together because they will hurt each other? That's a plausible reason for doing this.

Are you homeless? Because that is literally the only other reason I would accept that you consistently bring your dog to the gym with you.

Even if it was a perfect 65 degrees, this would be insane to me, but the brutal winter we've been having makes it so much worse.

I even asked my Police Officer friend if there was anything he could do about this poor pup and he said if the car is on and the heat is on, there is no legal action they can take, which is why I'm writing this letter.


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