With Memorial Day, and the unofficial kickoff to summer coming up this weekend, I've seen a lot of stories on the internet about one-piece swimsuits being sexier than bikinis. I know this is not true for all one-piece swimsuits, but I decided we needed to put this theory to the test. 

I will admit, I am not really a fan of the bikini. My dislike for the swimsuit does not stem from the fact that my belly has not seen the sun in about 15 years, but more about how the bikini makes a woman feel. A lot of women feel frumpy unless they are wearing a bikini, which causes them to wear an unflattering swimsuit that they are not truly comfortable in. I'm all about being proud of your body at any size, but I think us ladies need to realize showing it all off isn't necessarily what makes you sexy.

I'm hoping Steve Summers will prove this fact for us...



Once again, a man did not do what I wanted him to. Oh, well.


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