Well here's something pretty neat.

One of "The Worlds' Coolest Neighborhoods" is found in Illinois.

WGN shares that Forbes released their list of the "World's Coolest Neighborhoods" and of the 12 picked, two are in the U.S.

One was Washington D.C.'s Navy Yard and the other....

Are you ready for it?

The Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago.

Pilsen is on the western side of Chicago, just about "three miles southwest of the 'Loop'. (wikipedia)

Forbes chose this neighborhood because they said it's "performance venues, art studios, trendy bars and diverse residents have made it a cool neighborhood to explore."

Wow! That's kind of neat. Now when your wondering what you can do over the weekend, now you have a place to check out that's "cool".

In fact they have their own Facebook page: Pilsen Neighborhood

To see the complete list of "The World's Coolest Neighborhoods" click here.




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