I don't even know about this one. I mean, what makes something underrated?

Is it underappreciated? By definition, underrated is "rated or valued too low."

If that's the case then I guess this Wisconsin city totally fits the bill. When you think of cool cities in Wisconsin to visit, most people immediately think of Milwaukee, Madison, or Green Bay.

Photo by Wei Zeng on Unsplash
Photo by Wei Zeng on Unsplash
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Green Bay isn't a major metropolitan area but neither is the city considered one of the most underrated in all of America.

Prevention put out a list of the Most Underrated U.S. Cities to Visit in Every State and they said Racine is where we should all be going as soon as we have a chance.

Architecture buffs will absolutely delight in Racine, WI, where you can tour several Frank Lloyd Wright buildings, including the Thomas Hardy House and the Keland House. But more impressive still is the Johnson Wax Headquarters, which houses some of the famed architect’s best work. Plus, thanks to a large Danish and Mexican population, foodies may be pleasantly surprised by the culinary diversity of this midwest town.

Wind Point Lighthouse
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Racine is 90 minutes from Chicago and about an hour forty-five from Rockford.

Situated along the shore of Lake Michigan, summer in Racine seems like an ideal weekend getaway.

Even during the fall and winter months, it sounds like there's plenty to do, just albeit indoors and off the water.

Autumn foliage surrounds a stone bridge spanning a lake
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Of the 15 best things to do right now in Racine according to Trip Advisor, the one that stuck out the most to me, is the Racine Art Museum.

In case you don't remember, they are one of the only museums in America to highlight Peep art. You know, the Easter candy? People make art out of the stuff and enter a competition at the Racine Art Museum. The exhibit receives national attention yearly, and it was no different in 2021.

If you were making plans for a long weekend in Racine right now, what would you recommend doing while in town?

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