Illinois police arrest one of the dumbest bomb threat suspects ever.

Making Prank Calls Was Fun Back In The Day

Before cellphones, caller ID, and "Crank Yankers," it was a right of passage for middle school kids to make prank calls. I remember my friends and I would do it all the time. Especially, in the summertime on a rainy day when we were bored.

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How Would Prank Calls Work

We would come up with some sort of "bit" like, "Is your refrigerator running, well you better go catch it." You know, really cheesy sort of stuff, nothing offensive or threatening. We would just dial random numbers within our area code and hope someone would answer. Back in those days, they usually did.

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Usually, it was pretty harmless. The unfortunate victim would just hang up. If you were lucky, you might get a laugh from them and maybe a funny response. Of course, there were always those prank callers that would take it too far and just scare people for no reason.

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Prank Calls Had To Stop

Unfortunately, new technology came into play and the era of prank calls was over. Things like caller ID made it too easy to get caught. No one wanted that kind of trouble, so we just stopped. Of course, you are always going to get the dumb criminal who thinks they are the smartest person in the room but they get caught every time.

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Busted Making Prank Call

According to, 

"About 6:30 p.m., Sky Zone, 325 W. Lake St., received a voicemail in which the caller threatened to bomb and torch the building, police said. "


"Using information from caller ID, the officer was able to contact the youth suspect by telephone."


"The suspect admitted to placing the phone call and leaving the bomb threat as a joke, police said."



Easiest Case Ever

I would say it is safe to think that this was one of the easiest cases to solve ever. The suspect left their phone number on the called ID. That is how you spell dumb. Someone will have to tell them that the era of the prank call is long gone.

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