I wasn't born in Rockford but I have been here long enough to say it feels like one of the biggest small-towns in America.

So it made a whole lot of sense to see one of our favorite joints in Rockford listed by Delish's in their article talking about the best small-town fast food restaurants in the U.S.

Titled, The Best Small-Town Fast Food Spots in the U.S.A., Delish doled out the top 12 places to get a meal, get it quick, and most importantly, have it taste good.

If you haven't figured it out yet, yes, Delish says Culver's is one of the best small-town fast food spots in America.

Ranked 5th overall, Delish says:

Hospitality at Culver's rivals most local fast food spots, and this Wisconsin-based frozen custard hot spot sure knows how to keep it up. Their fan-favorite ButterBurgers are made with lightly buttered buns and a whole lot of love.

There are seven Culver's in the Rockford area, and Trip Advisor listed the local spots as the 10th best out of 29 "Quick Bites" locations in town.

Top reviewers say Culver's is "very clean and reasonably priced" while another called it  "hit and miss."

However, Thrillist said Culver's is the "Best Regional Fast Food Chain in the Country" just last year mentioning "Culver’s has been consistently doing its thing: churning out high-quality fast food from a surprisingly expansive menu with a dairy-craving Midwestern flair."

Besides Culver's, Delish also mentioned Jersey Mike's as one of the best small-town fast food joints as well as a few recently closed Rockford restaurants, Fazoli's and Marco's Pizza.

What's your favorite fast food restaurant in Rockford? Tell us!

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