I'm sure you love your job, but how does having the job title 'hotdogger' sound? Pretty amazing. Well that dream could soon be your reality. Oscar Mayer is hiring drivers for the new year. According to Journal Star -

Oscar Mayer is hiring “hotdoggers” (yes, that’s the actual job title) for the upcoming year, with applications due on Jan. 31 for a one-year position beginning in June. Hired hotdoggers will “represent the Oscar Mayer brand as a goodwill ambassador” across the country -- in other words, you get to drive the Wienermobile around.

The job promises “a company car guaranteed to turn heads” in the understatement of the century.

You down to drive the Wienermobile? Well they don't just hand over the coveted car to anyone. You've got to apply for the job. How do you apply? Head here.

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