This majestic creature is one most of us will never see in person but they're real and some are up in Wisconsin.

A Wisconsin woman gets it because she shares things like this on social media, beautiful animals. I'm not a hunter but I have nothing against it, but I do appreciate the beauty in nature and wildlife. This buck has to be at the top of the list of "most beautiful animals ever." It happened in the far north area of Wisconsin, in Boulder Junction, Wisconsin. Tracy Weese snapped a photo of what could arguably be the equivalent of a unicorn. She saw an Albino Buck, in the snow, on her property, and sealed the proof in the form of a pic. And, before any hunters get excited, these are protected by the state of Wisconsin. It is legal to shoot white deer in the Badger State.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, hunters are prohibited from shooting "albino and white deer which have a coat of all white hair except that the hair on the tarsal glands, head or parts of the head may be a color other than white. (FOX 13, Tampa)

Tracy was able to get a pic before the beautiful creature went on with its day, adding a simple caption, "His Majesty just strolled through our backyard."

Tracy Weese, Facebook
Tracy Weese, Facebook

Actually, Tracy scored two photos of this albino buck.

[H/T FOX13]

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