Cubs fans are celebrating another win last night, but there's no one who is celebrating as much as the teams oldest fan.

Loretta Dolan, at 101 years young, is the teams oldest and greatest fan. She's what they refer to as a legend around Wrigley as she's kept score at hundreds of games.

In fact according to ABC7 Chicago the team, the year Loretta turned 90, asked her to throw out the first pitch. At 100, her birthday party featured Cubby blue.

She says there's only been one downside to being a lifelong Cubs fan. "Sometimes when they lose at night, I can't even sleep when they lose, so then I get up and make myself a cup of coffee so I can fall back asleep," Loretta said.

This is what she had to say about the Cubs win last night.

If you are a Cubs fan, how big are you? As big as Ms. Dolan?

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