Remember when Six Flags Great America in Gurnee made a World Series bet with their biggest competitor, Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, right before the Cubs took on the Cleveland Indians in Game 1? Well, Cedar Point is making good on their promise to "up the anty" for the park's opening weekend, and they will be renaming one of the park's star attractions "Top Thrill Cubster".

Just to refresh your memory, here is proof of the original wager...


Well history was made, and Cedar Point is now making the most out of their losing bet. For May 6 and 7 only, Cedar Point will be renaming their 420-foot-tall "strata-coaster" normally called "Top Thrill Dragster" to "Top Thrill Cubster".

Cedar Point recently said in a statement to WGN;

In addition to the ride’s entrance sign changing over to the new look, each of Top Thrill Cubster’s sleek, drag-racing trains will reluctantly feature the new logo.

They also said;

Guests riding Top Thrill Cubster can also take home a souvenir on-ride photo, complete with special graphics to commemorate the once-in-a-lifetime experience. Special tee shirts will also be available for guests to proudly display this terrible turn of events.


At least they're good sports, right? Lol! Perhaps we should all make plans to head to Cedar Point next weekend decked out in all our Cubs finery, just to really rub the amazingness of this in.

Finally, for my favorite part of the entire wager between Cedar Point and Six Flags Great America Gurnee...the singing of "Go Cubs Go" by Cedar Point staff. They did this up real good...


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