This story is almost too unbelievable to tell. An Oak Park, IL accountant was turned into the a goalie that literally saved the Blackhawks game.

I have goosebumps just writing this.

Who in their life time would ever think signing on to be an "Emergency Goalie" for the greatest hockey team ever (ok that's my biased opinion) would actually play for the team?

Not only play but save the freakin' game too!?

But that's exactly what Scott Foster did.

NBC Chicago shares that 36 Scott Foster of Oak Park signed on to be an emergency goalie for Chicago. He's never played a day of professional hockey in his life until Thursday night.

"After injuries forced Anton Forsberg and Collin Delia out of the match against the Winnipeg Jets, Foster" was sent in to the rescue.

And rescue he did.

He "stopped all seven shots he faced in the final 14 minutes of the Blackhawks' 6-2 victory."

How cool is that! Wow! Just Wow!

I wonder how he didn't throw up before or even on the ice. I know I would.I'd probably pee my pants skating out on the ice.

How scary exciting for him.

According to Scott he said "“Well the initial shock happened when I had to dress, and then I think you just kind of black out after that.”

Haha! I can only imagine. I'm so happy for him though too.

Not only to check off a bu0kcet list item, of playing for the Blackhawks, but he saved the day too.

If he never plays another game of hockey in his life those 14 minutes will forever make him a hero and go down in Blackhawks history.

I'm so mad I missed this game.






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