We use our phones for everything these days.  There's an app for just about everything you can think off including pregnancy test.

Yes you read that right, now your smart phone can tell if your pregnant.

Yahoo reports that Pregnancy Pro devised a special kit that is linked to an app, First Response, to tell you if your expecting.

"The test is similar to other home pregnancy tests in that it requires a woman to pee on a stick. However, in Pregnancy Pro’s case, it’s a high-tech stick that connects to a First Response app. Just like other pregnancy tests, there’s a three-minute wait."

However, waiting those three minutes is much different than the standard wait time. With the Pregnancy Pro: "The app counts down, and delivers different content depending on the choices a test taker makes. She can tap Educate Me, Entertain Me or Calm Me options. If she taps on the entertainment option she may see BuzzFeed videos. If she taps Calm Me, she’ll likely hear meditation music, be given breathing techniques or see a peaceful video with scenes such as crashing waves. The education choice supplies fertility information. After the three-minute wait is over, women are required to enter a designated code and then their results are revealed."

The Pregnancy Pro isn't cheap though. It costs between "$15 to $22 for a single non-reusable test."

Wow! I don't know about that. Wouldn't it just be easier to pick one up at the drugstore?

Seeing I'm not pregnant and not planning to be anytime soon, maybe I'm the wrong person to ask. So let me ask you Mom's or Moms to be, would you purchase this?