What is there not to like about a true Irish bar? In order for an establishment to be a true Irish bar, it needs to have the right characteristics. It's easy to toss an Irish name on a building but if it's missing a few characteristics it's just another bar or restaurant.

Dublin's Pass American Eatery and Irish Pub
Dublin's Pass American Eatery and Irish Pub via Facebook

One of my favorite Irish bars I've ever visited is in downtown Springfield, Missouri, Dublin's Pass. The scenery, the perfectly poured Guinness, the music, and the crowd who just wants to drink and be merry Irish, it's a great time.

Back what about in Illinois?

Two men in carnival caps celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

Dublin's did not land on the tip of 'best Irish bars' in the U.S.A. but two spots Illinois did. Admittedly, I was surprised by this. Of the 10 Irish bars on this list, put together by Travel Channel, two establishments in Illinois were recognized as standouts.

Illinois is the only state to land on the list twice, by the way.


Galvin's Public House via Facebook
Galvin's Public House via Facebook

Galvin's Public House, Chicago

Galvin's goes all out for St. Patrick's Day with an almost week-long party.

This bar has been open for 20 years and owned and operated by the same people, Paul and Kathy Galvin, since day once, according to Galvin's website.

There is a lot of actually Irish inside the bar. The theme goes beyond drinks and Irish food on the menu. Some of the bricks in the fireplace come from Kathy's parents' home in Ireland. A lot of the decor you'll find inside comes straight from Ireland too.

Emmit's Irish Pub via Facebook
Emmit's Irish Pub via Facebook

Emmit's Irish Pub, Chicago

You may have seen the inside of this bar and never knew it. The inside of Emmit's has been in movies like Uncle Buck, Oceans Eleven, Oceans Twelve, and a few other movies, not to mention a few episodes of various TV series.

Emmit's also has some crazy history. In the 1920s, it was was originally a bank where it is believed notorious gangsters kept cash money in safe boxes so there was no paper trail for the government. (There are even more crazy stories here.)

[h/t Travel Channel]

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