If you travel in or to any of these cities, and go out after dark, you could be putting your life at risk.

When I was growing up mom always told me I had to be inside when the street lights went on because that's when all the creeps and criminals came out.

If you ask anyone in law enforcement, night time is the most common time crime will occur. Murders, robberies, and gunshots seem to increase after daylight subsides.

Onlyinyourstate.com published the list for the entire state of Illinois, from their list, I have compiled the Top 5, for Northern Illinois and the Stateline. Not surprisingly, Rockford made the list, but what surprised me, is that the college town of DeKalb, also made this list.


1. Chicago

2. Kankakee

3. Rockford

4. DeKalb

5. Harvey

According to OnlyInYouState.com, Rockford made the list because of violent crime in the first half of 2015 was 23% greater than in 2014, so it might be best to stay home when darkness falls.

DeKalb is on the danger list, because DeKalb ranks 10th in the nation for violent crime among college towns. Crime committed by college students is a particular problem.

Statewide, East St Louis ranks as the most dangerous city in Illinois to be in after dark.

See the entire list HERE.





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