I have never worked in a restaurant or bar, but there are a few things I do know about working in that service industry...

  • Some servers and bartenders make big money.
  • Some shifts are slow and the tips suck...you just never know what each day will bring in.
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I think we can all agree that the COVID pandemic has forced businesses to rethink how they conduct daily operations, and that especially applies to restaurants and bars. From being fully closed to reopening with capacity limits, restaurant and bar employees have really been through the wringer.

Should Illinois Restaurants and Bars Outlaw Tipping?

In the pandemic aftermath, several restaurants and bars across the nation, including Illinois, have switched to a no-tipping policy. If this sounds ridiculous to you, hear me out for a second.

WCIA in Champaign reports Triptych Brewing in Savoy, Illinois is just one service establishment that has switched to a no-tipping policy, and instead pays its employees $20 per hour. This switch in hourly wage was done not only to make up for the loss of tips but also to ensure job security and a livable wage.

Do You See Benefits In a No-Tipping Policy?

As I stated before, I have never worked at a restaurant or bar, so I'm unsure if getting paid $20 an hour is comparable to what an employee would make in tips on a busy night, but at least it's guaranteed income? I've got to believe that removing the uncertainty of how much an employee will make each shift has to add a little peace of mind in tough times like this.

Would you be for or against more Illinois restaurants and bars removing tips from the table...literally?

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