This weekend I was out at my parents visiting with my Aunt and Uncle from Arizona. Everything was great except for the unwanted guests of No See Ums.

No See Ums, otherwise known as Biting Gnats or Biting Midges were terrible. We couldn't sit outside on the porch and talk because those stupid, barely visible gnats wanted to bite on any piece of exposed skin.

If you're finding an invasion of these pests there's a few things we can do to control them and protect ourselves.

According to the Backyard Gardener here's what we should do.

- Use insect repellant with DEET when outdoors.

- Wear long sleeves, pants and socks to cover any exposed skin

- Wear light colored clothing.

- Fix and repair any damage screens to windows and doors to prevent them from coming into your home.

- Treat your screens with an insecticide like permethrin to deter them.

Unfortunately we can't get rid of them but a least we can stop them from biting us.