NIU is giving away free tuition for going to their football games.

Now that's a way for a student to save some coin for spring semester, just go watch the Huskies play.

Seriously, this is a real contest.

HustleBelt, picked up this story from the AP (Associated Press) that Northern Illinois University (NIU) will grant one lucky student, free spring tuition just for attending all six of the Huskies home games.

However, the stipulation is you must go and stay until the very end of the game. Students who show up for the first quarter then duck out will be excluded from the contest.

According to WREX news the contest started on Saturday, September 5th, for the first Husky home game.

The reasoning for this offer is two-fold. One, most obvious, is that a student gets free tuition paid for. That ought to help with all those student loans and payment plans. Two, The college is looking for a way to fill their stadium.

Although the Husky play great football and for the most part win pretty much all of their home games, the school itself struggles to fill the stadium. That's a pretty ingenious way to fill those stands. Pretty crafty of the school, I'd say.

Now why didn't NIU do this when I was I enrolled there? That would have alleviated the stress of working and going to school and paying those bills in installments each semester.