As a kid I remember being so excited to stay up til midnight on New Year's Eve,and then waking the next morning devastated to realize I fell asleep before the ball drop. My confetti never got thrown, my poppers never popped, and my New Year's princess tiara is laying next to my bed. Oh, how sad I would feel! Good news is, Netflix found a cure for those New Year's Day blues!

It's amazing how I still feel the same sadness as an adult when I wake to realize I didn't make it to midnight. The difference however is, as a adult I knew I would never really make it that late, but the frustration is still there.

If you are like me, or as a parent you can't stand to witness your child's struggle to stay awake til midnight, here's some help from Netflix and the animated TV series, All Hail King Julien.


Some might say this video is a sly form of trickery to get kids to go to bed early on New Year's Eve, I, however believe it is a valuable way to protect their precious emotions.

Happy New Year, everybody!