Is there anything better than taking an out-of-towner to Portillo's for the first time? Seeing their face light up when they dunk their first fry in cheese sauce. Or the pure joy of learning you CAN mix a whole slice of cake into a milkshake. It's really a shame that some people across the United States don't have Portillo's.

Until now. Portillo's know how delicious they are, and they want to spread the greasy salty love. The new Portillo's "Beef Bus" will be traveling across the United States to share the amazingness of their food.

The stops are undetermined, and that's because they want you to decide. NBC Chicago details -

“We receive thousands of messages each month from our fans across the nation asking us to bring Portillo’s to their city,” said Portillo’s CEO Michael Osanloo. “Through our new Beef Bus voting campaign, guests will be in the driver seat. Whether you’re a former Chicagoan living in Louisville, or a fan looking to put their town on the map, your vote will count.”

So help the out-of-towners in your life out by voting for their city. You can vote here.

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