Are you ready for some special treats from this one-of-a-kind Seinfeld-themed food truck making a stop in Illinois this weekend?

Photo From YouTube Video Of Seinfeld Themed Food Truck
Photo From YouTube Video Of Seinfeld Themed Food Truck

Seinfeld Is The Greatest TV Show Of All Time, Well In My World

I understand it's a matter of opinion, but I believe "Seinfeld" is the greatest TV show of all time. I can watch it non-stop. If I'm channel surfing and it comes up, I'm definitely stopping to at least see what episode it is. If there's nothing else on, then I'm automatically looking for my old faithful.

Why Is There A Seinfeld Themed Food Truck?

At first, a Seinfeld-themed food truck does seem a little strange but take some time to think about it. There were many hilarious food-related scenes featured in the show, so I'm all good with it.


According to,

A new and hilarious Seinfeld-themed food truck is taking a tour of several cities in the United States, selling only snacks that are found in the show.


While a whole menu has not been published, it has been revealed that fans of the series will be able to purchase Junior Mints, Snickers Bars (which, of course, are to be eaten with a knife and fork), and Jerry's favorite cookie, the black and white cookie.


Despite not offering an eclair straight from the trash, marble rye, or (strangely) soup, the Seinfeld truck certainly seems to have been a hit with a strange but hilarious assortment of references to the show.


Where & When Can You Find The Seinfeld Food Truck In Illinois?

All this weekend, the Seinfeld food truck will be out and about in the Chicago area. This Friday from 11 am to 5 pm at Jane Byrne Plaza in Chicago. It will return to that location on Saturday from noon to 6 pm. On Sunday, in front of Macy's at Oak Brook Center from 11 am to 5 pm.

I might have to take a little road trip this weekend.

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